17 Dubai architecture studios photographed by Marc Goodwin

For the next in his studio photography series, Marc Goodwin visited the Dubai offices of 17 architecture practices, including Grimshaw and Gensler. 

Unlike the cities Goodwin has previously visited for his series, such as Shanghai, London and Barcelona, there were few instances of architecture offices adapting historic buildings in Dubai.

The recent building boom in the United Arab Emirates city means there are an abundance of new office spaces for studios to chose from.

"I don't think I saw any repurposed buildings of the type I have photographed until now. However, the studios in Al Serkal and Al Quoz are industrial spaces that are giving way to art galleries and design studios at a rapid pace," Goodwin, who runs the architectural photography studio Archmospheres, told Dezeen.

"Everything south of Deira is new. There is a very pragmatic feel to most of the studios," he added. "Many have lovely views but were on the whole generic office spaces rather than branded design studios. There were of course a few notable exceptions."

"Dubai is a dynamic, exciting place with a lot going on. Putting a foot in that door and seeing the plans for the future – 2020 and beyond – was really interesting,"

Shooting in a new city bought with it new challenges, including one the seasoned photographer had not encountered previously.

"Dubai was different in that you have to get permission to take pictures outdoors. Setting up visits to shoot the interiors of studios has been the only challenge until now," explained Goodwin.

"As soon as you pull out a camera a security guard is certain to ask you for a permit. Turn the corner and repeat with the next guard. I had not experienced that before. Or anything like it. Anywhere."

Take a look inside of some of Dubai's architecture studios on our gallery.

Edited April 24, 2018