4th Edition of the European BIM Summit - Barcelona

The Fourth Edition of the European BIM Summit (EBS18) will take place on 7, 8 and 9 March 2018. The venue has been confirmed as the AXA Auditorium at L’Illa Diagonal business and shopping centre in Barcelona. At the last celebration of the Summit, in 2017, there were 64 speakers and all available places were taken, with a total of 550 visitors. For this reason, a larger, more central venue was required for EBS18, and a 600-seat auditorium in the centre of Barcelona’s city heights was found to host the event.

The programme for each of the three days of the event is clearly differentiated: March 7 is a day open to the general public, when business and technical opportunities will be generated around the theme of the Digitisation of Construction. The programme will also include an event aimed at future stakeholders: vocational training and university students, who will account for the greater part of those working in the sector.

The second day will be devoted to applications that are implemented today, throughout Europe and the world. Under the title BIM Present, the latest developments will be presented, with discussion of the impact of this new work procedure based on management of information and data generated throughout the life cycle of a construction, from project stage to maintenance and later rehabilitation. This approach has become indispensable for creating a design, construction and operational process that is controlled and aimed at improving quality, efficiency and efficacy, whether in a building or a piece of infrastructure.

On the third and last day, under the motto BIM Future, the programme will feature talks given by BIM gurus, keynote speakers who will discuss new developments in BIM, and presentations of international start-ups that have become economic phenomena thanks to the products and services that they provide to the construction industry and that would not exist without BIM. Finally, the programme will close with a presentation of developments in robotics, already being applied through use of the digital data generated by projects.