BIM International Conference 2016 - SÃO PAULO & LISBON

The BIM Management Institute - BIMMI is organizing in 2016 and for the fourth year, the BIM International Conference (BIC).

This year BIC will have two Editions: São Paulo, Brazil (September 29 and 30) and Lisbon, Portugal (October 13 and 14).

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling and its use is already compulsory in some countries. This tendency is progressively sprawling worldwide, so it is expected to be an international demand for the construction industry in a near future. 2016 itself represents for some countries a decisive milestone in achieving BIM implementation at a government level.

Since BIMMI continuously seek to be aligned with international industry demands and processual/technological tendencies, in this year edition BIC purposes a special contribution on BIM worldwide implementation roadmap.

Considering the suggestions of BIC attendees on previous editions, in 2016 the Conference will innovate with one day dedicated to BIM software trainings and workshops. If in the past the Conference was known for the remarkable presentations of recognized BIM experts (along with several sponsor and abstracts presentations), this year BIC challenges itself with a new goal: highlight on BIM software best practices and collaboration.

To do so, BIC 2016 is organized in two days, the first one being more practical with workshops and trainings from its sponsors and abstract presentations. The second day follows the traditional format with Keynote presentations from international BIM experts.

The conference will remain full of charm and character with magnificent social events as in previous years. These events appeal to the culture and networking.


On the BIC 2016 you can meet with the internationally recognized BIM Experts! This year the conference will remain full of charm and character with magnificent social events as in previous years.


3 Editions in 2 countries - A high quality conference that challenges you to understand the impact of BIM in the whole industry:

-          More than 1.000 participants!
In its 3 editions BIC already welcomed 1000 participants.

-          More than 60 International Keynote Speakers
we had the pleasure to have with us more than 60 experts sharing their experiences.

-          More than 70 abstracts proceedings

The academy and industry had an incredible role with more than 70 abstracts presented.

-          More than 800mn of workshops and trainings

Our partners offered more than 800 min of great workshops and quick trainings!