INDOOR - Architecture seminar at CASA DA ARQUITECTURA

CASA DA ARQUITECTURA - Portuguese Center of Architecture receives, on the 9th and 10th of March, a seminar with the presence of reference names of the national and international architecture that are represented in the exhibition "Poder Arquitectura".

They are architects from various backgrounds who bring experiences from countries such as Sri Lanka, Brazil, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Portugal to In Porto, such as Inês Moreira, Vijitha Basnayaka, Guilherme Wisnik, Manuel Correia Fernandes, João Belo Rodeia, Paolo Tombesi, Sporaarchitects Bruno Figueiredo, Ivo Poças Martins, Miguel Judas, Pedro Appleton, Jorge Carvalho, Luis Santiago Baptista, Renato Rizzi, Whiterford Watson Mann, Aires Mateus, Nuno Grande, Ricardo Carvalho, BIG, Nuno Brandão Costa, Pedro Bandeira, Marina Tabassum, Joaquim Moreno.

Integrated in "Please Share!" - curated program by Roberto Cremascoli, which now enters its Ato4 -, INDOOR presents a series of debates involving architects and internationally renowned offices represented at the "Poder Arquitectura" show, which started at the inauguration and continues until the next 18 March.

The exhibition "Poder Arquitectura", curated by architects Jorge Carvalho, Pedro Bandeira and Ricardo Carvalho, occupies the 800 square meters of the Exposition Nave with "a proposal of reflection around eight powers that align, inflect and diverge between namely, the Collective Power, Regulatory Power, Technological Power, Economic Power, Domestic Power and Media Power. "

Edited March 6, 2018
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